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The Adventures of Cardigan
by Elaine Bosvik Ciarnau

Not having other kids to play with, Jaime has to find adventures with his dog Cardigan. Life in the Bush Camps with their many animals is all he knows. He is innocent and carefree. Everything is seen through the fearless eyes of a child and his companion, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi, named Cardigan. What lurks in the bushes of Northern Ontario that could cause chaos to a child and his dog? They lived amongst larger than life characters that make an impression on little Jaime. The surrounding wildlife seems threatening, but are they always dangerous? Domestic animals could also cause havoc and need intervention. Sometimes they can even be wilder than the animals in the bush.

There is never a dull moment for 6 year-old Jaime with Cardigan around. What dilemma will they encounter next, as they stumble upon the many animals of the bush camps? One thing is for sure: even though Jaime’s intense love of animals leads him to trust them, Cardigan will always know when it’s time to step in and keep his buddy out of harm’s way. Many great adventures await them as they learn more about what lies ahead.

Join Jaime and Cardigan in their five exciting and unpredictable adventures.

"The Adventures of Cardigan is a playful children's book about Cardigan, a little Welsh corgi with a big sense of family and friendship. The first chapter is the story of how Cardigan comes to be adopted into his family. Jaime is the boy trying desperately to talk his mom into getting him a dog. This character feels so real. He reminded me of my kids! Later chapters tell of some of Cardigan's adventures with other animals; a new kitten who joins the family, a bear, a baby crow and more. This is an entertaining book with lots of opportunities for parents to have discussions about such things as having a pet and interacting with wildlife."

- Dakota Duncan


"This book got me hooked immediately from the first sentence. It was so interesting and all the pictures were so beautiful. This has everything the little kids would love and want in a book.

The main characters of this novel are a dog named Cardigan, and his owner, Jaime. It is split up in five different parts. Each story gives us a glimpse of the amsuing encounters that Cardigan comes across.

I personally feel that you won't know what 'True love' is until you have owned a dog. As a proud owner of the most adorable labrador for more than 7 years now, I could definitely relate with Cardigan and Jaime. The loyalty that a dog has towards its owner is simply unmatchable.

The book will take you back to your childhood. Like Jaime, when I was a kid, I too bugged my parents for months before they finally relented and got me my dog. Up to this date, that is still the best present I have ever received in my life.

The pictures are illustrative and would definitely hold the children's interest. They are bright and have a soothing effect on eyes.

Cardigan proves how lovely the dogs are and shows us what it really means to love someone more than yourself. She comes in Jaime's life to teach him some valuable life lessons and we all can learn something from it.

I'd end my review by saying that not only the children, but even the adults will enjoy this book and hence everyone should give it a try. I promise you won't be disappointed at all.

I hope the author comes with a sequel. I would definitely be interested in reading some more adventures of Cardigan.

I am going to give this book FIVE STARS"

- Daily Madhu


"This was a great and fantastic book to read. Jamie is a likable and fun character and would probably be a great person in real life for his love of animals. I wonder if he will become a Bear Grylls man in the future. The main highlight of the story was Cardigan.

Cardigan is a Welsh Pedigree who is kind, humble and reflects a pearl of wisdom that is usually not reflected at all. She helps Jamie at points where there is trouble, she is an encourager that binds humanity and animals together. She’s almost like a spirit. The fact is I enjoyed reading about her, and her relationship with Tippy was fun. I only wished there could have been more scenes.

On the hindsight, while we spent more time with the pets, I didn’t get to see much of the Dad’s involvement in the relationship between Cardigan and Jamie. As much as we saw the mother, who was such a kind lady. She kept up with all of Jamie’s demands, which is a rare quality to find. Jamie did not provide her mother with much trouble either, though this is only a picture book.

I preferred the stylised drawings because it seemed to fit the story in a personal manner. Would I recommend this book? Yes. It teaches you a lot and I had tears in my eyes when I read this. It takes you back to your childhood and honestly I had a lot of fun reading this."

- Xerxes


"I loved reading this picture book! Each of the five stories were exciting and playful. The characters had great personality, and Cardigan of course was center stage in each with her protective and happy spirit. The paintings seemed a little stiff at first, but between the colors and the expressions of the characters, it really made them pop. I love the use of watercolors as well. It’s my favorite art medium to see because it seems to be softer and more calming than the others."

- Aunt Addie's Bookshelf


"Love the storyline in The Adventures of Cardigan!!!! Several stories of animal friends he has made In his childhood. Well written for children and young at heart like me."

- Linda W.


"Beautifully written adventures. Very excited to be able to read this book to my grandchildren."

- Emma F.


"I had to read it as soon as I got home with it. I know my granddaughter will love this book for yrs to come as much as I loved reading it. Can’t wait for other adventures. Great job my friend."

- Barb R.


"Wonderful stories about a boy and his pooch. Great writing skills and a wonderful book for the kids and adults alike. Good job, Elaine."

- Claudette P.


"Your work is quite evocative of memories (real or otherwise) that adults have of their childhood. Proud of you Elaine..."

- Garth S., former teacher


"Beautifully written with impeccable grammar.

I’m so proud of you Elaine! Loved reading about all the adventures Cardigan and Jaime have had together. 10/10 would recommend to anyone with kids! Well done."

- Kristina J


"Excellent reading material for children.

Adventures of a child and his dog and several different stories of other animals they have friended. Prepare to laugh as you read along as well as the excitement. !!!!!"

- Linda L.


"It was amazing - The Adventures of Cardigan: a story about Jamie and his dog, Cardigan.

I won this book from a contest the author held and I quite liked it! The story takes place in Ontario (Canada); it’s blended with humour and quite an adventure, which children would enjoy.

I especially liked the beautiful water colour illustrations—quite intricate like I’d never thought water colour could create. Highly recommend!"

- Thomas J. Benedict


"Cute stories about a little boy and his dog Cardigan, whom the boy picked up from a dog shelter."

- John P. Higgins

Elaine Bosvik Ciarnau photo

Elaine, the youngest of three siblings, grew up in the Bush Camps of Northern Ontario. During her time in the bush, she was fortunate to learn about prospecting, log rolling, and the animals surrounding her. She was taught archery and how to shoot guns by practicing on tin cans. Her intense love of animals led to many unforgettable memories, such as trips to the garbage dump to watch the bears feed. On her extensive travels with her husband and son, her first stop has always been the zoo. When Elaine became a full-time mom, she decided to write about her days in the Bush Camps and to create, "The Adventures of Cardigan". She makes her home in NW Ontario with her family, two bratty cats, and many incomplete craft projects. Her hobbies include ballroom dancing, fishing and making jewelry. One day, she hopes to hug a sloth and a koala.


Elaine Bosvik Ciarnau
Jaime Bosvik Ciarnau
Viorel Ciarnau

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