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Mental health, Journaling, Self-help, Gratitude, Positivity, Personal growth, Depression

Visualize Believe Achieve
A Thirty Day Journey to Live Your Life With A Smile
by Rita-anne Fuss-Kurylo

Visualize, believe and achieve to better mental health and happiness. Every day holds the promise of something positive, and there is something to be grateful for in every day, no matter how small. By responding to the prompts, writing daily reflections, and ending each session with gratitude, you can move from sadness toward hope.

When you visualize your day in a positive way, and believe in yourself, you can achieve what you set out to do while enjoying the journey to live your life with a smile.

Each day’s entry in this journal provides:

• An encouraging thought

• A question to ponder and respond to

• Space to record your thoughts for the day

• Opportunity to record what you are grateful for

By providing a user-friendly framework and helping you focus daily on positive thoughts and goals, Visualize, Believe, Achieve supports and improves mental health. Commit to this 30-day journal and learn to love and believe in yourself, one day at a time.

I highly encourage you to journal in this book as you journey through life.

You will be happy that you have written your thoughts, especially during difficult times. It will help keep you focused and realize that you are truly a gift from God.

— Isabelle Zielinski B.A., B.Ed., Senior Sales Leader with Fifth Avenue Collection

I have known Rita-anne for over 35 years and her passion for life is as invigorated today as it was when we first met. Rita-anne is capturing an important message of hope and self-reliance in her journal. Journaling has long been the pathway to find our inner self and in that finding we release our innate spirit on a pathway to a happier, richer and more satisfying life. We are the source of our own happiness and awakening to our thoughts and beliefs is a basic message of self-discovery. Rita-anne has lived a life on purpose and she delivers a message of encouragement. Explore her journal and discover your life-changing power and step into a life that you are longing to live. Visualize, Believe and Achieve... you are worth it.

—Marie Soprovich BEd, Med, Founder & CEO Aquarian Networks Corp

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Rita-anne Fuss learned from a young age to look for the good in every situation. She understands that mental illness does not discriminate and can affect anyone. She believes more public awareness of mental illness is important. Fuss is a Lieutenant with the Reserve and has her private pilot’s license. While working with Army and Air Cadets she received the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award from Prince Phillip. She has worked as a teacher’s assistant and is currently an entrepreneur with Fifth Avenue Collection, a successful jewelry business.

Rita-anne Fuss lives near Millet, Alberta, with her husband Curtis. They have two adult children, Justin and Melody.


Rita-anne Fuss-Kurylo

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