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A Boat in My House cover

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  • 96 pages
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Target Audience:
  • Young Children (7-11 yrs old)

Siblings, Summer vacation, Family traditions, Adventure, Boat travel, Forest creatures, Food

A Boat in My House
by Tamara Berreman

Bert isn’t excited about his summer break before fourth grade. He has to stay home and look after his little sister, Meg, while his friends go to camps and take vacations. But when Bert and Meg arrive home on their last day of school, they discover something amazing in their living room—a boat! While their dad tries to fix the motor in his shop, Bert and Meg discover something incredible: the boat transports them back 125 years to visit their great-great-grandfather’s cabin. There, they are welcomed by a boy, Frank, his mother, Sarah, and their dog, Shiver. The boat isn’t the only magical part of the woods—soon Frank and Bert meet the Watcher, an incredible creature who looks over the forest and helps them complete a great quest. Along the way, Bert and Meg learn some family traditions, which they carry back with them to the future, creating an unforgettable bond between generations.

Tamara Berreman is a retired elementary school teacher who believes in the importance of family traditions. She grew up with a family cabin much like the one in her book, and still loves camping and visiting her cabin in Montana. She has three grown children and lives with her husband in Phoenix.


Tamara Berreman

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