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Fiction, Sexual abuse, Childhood secrets, Forgiveness, Revenge, Lake country, Love and marriage

by Terry Leeder

Phyllis, a widow in her sixties, goes to a Great Lakes resort for a change of scenery, and there she meets another lonely soul— Owen, a gruff but kindly handyman. Their tentative romance is interrupted when Owen is asked to repair a cottage for an elderly neighbour, Carl, who is recovering from open-heart surgery. When Phyllis is enlisted to help care for Carl, she discovers, to her horror, that this helpless old man is the person who raped her sixty years before. Faced with the abuser she never thought she would see again, Phyllis must decide how, or if, she will call him to account for what he has done. But will revenge heal the past? Or will it violate the life she has built, and the person she has become, since the trauma took place? When a blizzard thunders in off the lake, Owen must fight through the snow to get the medication that Carl desperately needs, leaving Phyllis alone with her rapist. She must come to terms with the demons of her past, once and for all.

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Terry Leeder has published ten historical novellas for children, and three novels for adults. He worked as an editor with major publishing companies and a teacher in secondary schools. When he was assigned to teach adults who were completing their high school credits, he learned of the trauma some of them had gone through as a result of sexual assault, the impact on the rest of their lives, and the courage they have shown in coming to terms with it. He lives in Ontario and has been blessed with two sons, a daughter-in-law, and a wonderful granddaughter.


Terry Leeder

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