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Consumerism, Self-indulgence, Wealth accumulation, Consumption, Over-consumption, Consumption and the environment, Material accumulation

The Anatomy of Consumerism
The Story of Excess, Greed, Self-Indulgence, Wealth Accumulation, Insurmountable Waste, and Environmental Degradation
by H. RamHormozi

The Anatomy of Consumerism is a story of greed and obsession and consumption. Of waste and environmental degradation. Of destruction and despair. It is the story of being human.

In this earnest account of a serious problem in which we are all implicated, we come to terms with our collective obsession with material consumption. The Anatomy of Consumerism tracks this consumption from the Industrial Revolution, through a ravenous stretch of excessive production and acquisition, all the way to our digital present—a period during which we overconsume as a matter of course and visit irreparable damage on our natural environment as a result. It is no wonder the consequences of human greed fester so hotly in debate among economists, social scientists, and environmentalists. The Anatomy of Consumerism wades into this debate’s center.

Author H. RamHormozi is a veteran of more than thirty-five years of professional experience working at a major corporation in the United States and for international oil companies in Iran. He has completed contracts around the world, including the Middle East, Far East, Mexico, and the United States. Over his career’s breadth, he’s observed a variety of attitudes and behaviors regarding consumerism and developed not only extensive knowledge about world history, its cultures and politics, but a passionate response to their more destructive corollaries. With the Anatomy of Consumerism, H. RamHormozi has set to writing about them.

H. RamHormozi’s first book, Averting an Iranian Geopolitical Crisis, earned an average five-star customer review on Amazon. He is currently working on his third book, which covers Iran’s role and struggles in the World War II era.


H. RamHormozi

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