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The Pony Tails Book of Colouring Fun and Horsey Facts cover

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Target Audience:
  • Young Children (7-11 yrs old)

Coloring, Horses, Coloring Book, Pony Tails, Ponies, Farm Life, Horse Breeds

The Pony Tails Book of Colouring Fun and Horsey Facts
by Alice the Pony

The Pony Tails Book of Colouring Fun and Horsey Facts is a busy activity book designed to ignite the imaginations of horse-loving children. The pictures, which depict horses in various states of work and play (infused with a great spirit of energy and joy), are charming and full of whimsy.

In addition to the colouring pages, there is a variety of other activities and content within the pages of this teeming book. There are quotes, poems, recipes, puzzles, mazes, challenges, and more, along with fact-filled pages of advice for readers interested in learning more about particular aspects of equestrian life. And all of it is gloriously horse-related!

Alice the Pony photo

Alice the Pony, who authored this special book, is a grey Welsh pony. Alice is very wise and has taught many children how to ride horses. Alice is mainly retired now, but when she’s not watching over her little brother Oliver or going on adventures with her friends Panama and Howdy, she works part time as a consultant for Horse Council BC. Alice’s mission in life, is to make sure all kids of all ages and walks of life can have the chance to learn about and experience the wonderful world of horses and ponies.


Alice the Pony
Sandy Underwood

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