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memoir, family, misadventure, hospitals, birds, nature, wildlife

Mom's (Mis)Adventures
by Beverley Burdick

This book speaks of the adventures and misadventures of an everyday housewife. It includes falls and tumbles from trees and ladders, rock piles and piers. It also includes various stays in the hospital for everything from poison ivy to stitches and care for skin burns on her docks and piers. There were also hospital visits and stays for Lyme's Disease, pneumonia, bronchitis, spinal surgery, mental illness (which may have been misdiagnosed), an appendectomy, various cysts, and more. Indeed, she has had an interesting and adventurous life!

Gardening and nature are prominent throughout, especially bird life and wildlife. Almost anyone can enjoy the read, about her many garden and shoreline visitors and guests. Beverley names most of her critters, from the lowliest of squirrels to her favorite chipmunk, Alvie. One of her previous books features bird life with effective illustrations provided by her grand-daughter, Holly Moores Lockwood. It describes the species of bird, often in poetic terms, and provides a good glimpse into the bird's habitat and habits, along with plumage and favorite snacks. There are also welcome additions about water fowl, their habits and places of interest. Living on a lake has allowed many advantages for this author.

A breath-taking overview of the many mishaps and family problems of the author, occasionally punctuated with gentle self-deprecating humour and self analysis. The writer's love of her natural surroundings, her acute observations of animal life, and her deep personal faith shine through this very personal history.

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Beverley Burdick is an author, poet, composer, psychotherapist, Secular Franciscan and a former teacher, mainly of languages such as English, French and Latin. She is also the mother of two sons and the grandmother of three. Beverley attended Joseph Teacher's College in Montreal, Vincent d'Indie for her laureate in piano, the University of Montreal for two certificates in student animation and computer technology, and the Alfred Adler Institute of Psychology where she obtained her Masters degree. She currently resides in Hudson, Quebec on the shores of the Ottawa River and Lake of Two Mountains, and spends much of her time writing and composing music. She has four other books to her credit as well as two CD's.


Beverley Burdick

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