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Target Audience:
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Careers, Dreams, Inspiration, Growing up, Being yourself, Self-esteem, Self-compassion

All the Things You Could Be
by Leanne Pastor

Children love to dream of what they’ll be when they grow up, and there are so many jobs to choose from! For instance, they could be astronauts, teachers, doctors or athletes. Indeed, they could travel to outer space, and they could also use those energies of bravery and adventure in so many different ways. Or like the teacher, the energies of patience and kindness can be implemented in every area of life.

What if, children could use their natural gifts, energies, and talents to do what comes easy to them, and brings them the most joy?

In this delightful and inspiring poem, written for children five years and older, Leanne Pastor encourages children to do what comes naturally, as living true to oneself leads to a fuller, more joy-filled life. As the poem reminds us, you can be and do anything you choose. Just remember, you can always change your mind, and, when in doubt, always follow your joy! No matter, whether you’re 5 or 40, it is never too late to be happy. The most important thing in life is to be yourself and do what brings you joy! Joy has a ripple effect, and when you enjoy what you do, you’ll become the invitation for others to choose joy. In this way, “All the Things You Could Be” is about building, person by person, a kinder and happier world.

Of all the Things you could be...what if you chose to....

"Follow you JOY....what comes easy to you? Just keep doing that, and keep being you." ~ Leanne Pastor

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Leanne Pastor is a Canadian artist and energy healer. She worked as a registered nurse for twelve years, which gave her an appreciation for the precious gift of life. While on maternity leave with her second daughter, she decided to follow her heart and begin a new career path. She became certified in various energy healing modalities, and now enjoys helping others along their own healing journeys. She also rediscovered her lifelong passion for art, and actively enjoys writing and painting. “All the Things You Could Be” is her first book, and she hopes it will inspire children (and adults) to choose what brings them joy and be true to themselves. She currently lives in Sherwood Park, Alberta, with her husband, B. J., and their daughters, Bailee and Harper. In her free time, Leanne enjoys spending time with family and friends, being outdoors, making art, and doing more of what brings her joy each day.


Leanne Pastor
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