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All Up in My Kitchen
by Cara Castellan

Cooking a healthy, non-time-consuming, delicious meal that pleases everyone is not as hard as it seems! Here’s a cookbook that offers practical, healthy, and impressive meal solutions to help you feed your family and friends.

All Up in My Kitchen is a fun and easy recipe guide for mothers and fathers of kids and teens, students, and anyone who likes to cook! It offers wholesome, healthy go-to recipes for a casual meal at home or an impressive meal that you can proudly serve to any guests.

“If a reader finds one recipe from my book that they love and cook over and over again, I feel my job is done!” – Cara Castellan

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Cara Castellan has been cooking since she moved out of her parents’ house at 18 years old. As a home cook, she has spent many hours in the kitchen, developing recipes through trial and error that her whole family will eat. This cookbook is a reflection of Cara’s culinary journey and the pleasure she gets from working in the kitchen and feeding others.

The author lives with her husband and three teenagers in the small village of Elora, Ontario. They share a farm with a host of animals: three dogs, three cats, chickens, geese, goats, donkeys, an alpaca, and a llama.


Cara Castellan

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