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Christian, Faith, Love, Marriage, Believe, Inspiration, Bitterness

Faith Enhances Freedom
by Natalie Phipps

The most fragile moment of my entire life lasted only 60 seconds.

In that brief moment, I saw my life through a looking glass. Having been in denial for years, I came to realize that anything is possible. And I learned that in the space of just a minute, things can be turned around for your good, even if they’d looked to be the worst.

Within these pages, you’ll learn to release your bitterness and to speak—truly speak—with God. Don’t give up. You can’t give up. That is the key. You must believe. When you have a goal or desire, hold on to it and keep it close. Doors will open for your success. Your dreams will be fulfilled because you have faith.

With faith, you can do absolutely anything. Even if no one else believes, so long as you trust yourself and move forward with the faith and power within you, your faith will bring you love, confidence, strength, beauty, gifts, talents, dreams, and blessings.

Keep your faith. It brings about powerful, life-changing differences in your life. Faith feeds your spiritual connection, allowing you to overcome the fears that are blocking your gifts and talents. Let go, so you can move forward, allowing your faith to enhance your freedom. Become a blessing in your life and the lives of others.

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Natalie Phipps’ 2011 accident changed her entire life, teaching her to look inside and out, and giving her the strength to encounter and experience what she hadn’t known life could throw at her. She has a strong desire to motivate and encourage people around the world to love and to live life. Natalie hopes each of us can become a blessing in someone’s life, communicate with the spiritual room, and have the faith necessary to move forward, rather than sitting down. If she touches one heart, one mind, one soul, her goal will be achieved.

Natalie lives in Toronto, Ontario, with her spouse and her twelve-year-old cat, Sasha. She hopes her writing, and the spiritual signs to which she has been exposed, will restore confidence in readers around the world, particularly those who need encouragement and motivation in Jesus’ name.


Natalie Phipps

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