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habits, success, goals, prayer, faith, gospel, Christianity

You Too Can Have An Amazing Life
by John Chalkias

Living a life of faith should be an amazing adventure, yet often we find ourselves “stuck in a rut,” chasing after dreams that seem impossible to reach. As a missionary in Zambia, John Chalkias witnessed the devastation of poverty and the scourge of hopelessness. In this inspiring new book, he outlines fifteen biblical principles for having an abundant, amazing life. His principles aren’t trendy, “pop-psychology” tricks, but deep habits of thought and attitude that speak to and develop character. They’re powerful enough to boost anyone through, around, or over any obstacles that are hindering their lives. For those who are struggling with despair and discouragement, this book says YES, you can have the amazing life you dream of!

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John Chalkias serves as the executive director and co-founder of Seeds of Hope Children’s Ministry, an organization that helps orphan children, primarily those affected or infected by HIV/AIDS. They provide housing, medical services, and education for the children in their care. John and this ministry love innovation, creativity, and thinking outside the box, which has led to the building of a village in Zambia. Their aim is to save the lives of children by the care they provide, and give sustainable hope for the children and their communities by the programs they put in place.

As an author, John’s desire is to help people make their dreams a reality. Drawing on his rich experience overseas, he makes the lessons he has learned applicable to readers in all parts of the world.

John and his wife, Susan, live in Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada. They have nine grown children, three son in laws and twelve grandchildren.


John Chalkias

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