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A Newcomer's Guide
Stress-Free Introduction to Duplicate Bridge Let's Get Started
by Brian R. Gray

Duplicate Bridge is a challenging card game. I am your Newcomer Guide and Mentor. Learn from my mistakes/experiences! This Newcomer's Guide presents the basic information needed to learn and master the Duplicate game format, environment, and bidding, playing and scoring protocols. Learn about Bridge Etiquette, Zero Tolerance and Play Nice programs, the different game formats, equipment and useful HOW TO PROCEDURES (Fill in a Convention Card; Make a Call using a Bidding Box; Make an Opening Lead; Arrange, Inspect and Count Tricks; Prevent Partner's Revoke; Make a Claim or Concession; Understand BridgeMate, Total Point and MatchPoint scoring systems and so much more! Frequently referred to Bridge rules and laws are clearly explained. This knowledge will empower you to confidently make a Director's call when an infraction occurs to your advantage. This book was written with humour and contains over 90 colourful images/illustrations, enabling learning Bridge procedures most informative and enjoyable. I wish I had this Newcomer's Guide when I started playing...Lucky you do! While reading this book, my goal was to keep you smiling and hearing you say, "I didn't know that ...That will be useful"!! American Bridge Teachers’ Association takes heed to Author's Bridge Advice World’s Best COVID 19 Defence Plan. Read more….

PRAISE for A NEWCOMER’S GUIDE Stress-Free Introduction To Duplicate Bridge What are BEGINNER and INTERMEDIATE Players saying? They’re all in agreement!! The verdict is unanimous! They just love A Newcomer’s Guide! -So good and so good for beginners. The things you need to learn are right here. It makes the transition (to Duplicatebridge) so much easier. Now it is right here for everyone to read. Way to go. This is excellent - Jerry H. -Your Guide is informative, humorous, fantastic and totally awesome. You have the uncanny knack of helping players of all levels to lighten up about Bridge and not be nervous when learning the game; all in a concise book -Crystal I. -Visual support is engaging, humorous and exactly what I appreciate to help make the rules and regulations of such anintrinsic game ‘stick’. A GRAND SLAM 7NT!! -Kathy L. -Congratulations, the terminology and description of tools (equipment) is very interesting and informative, an insightful Guide for players considering the more structured environment of Duplicate Bridge –Debbie D. -Any serious Beginner or Intermediate Player would find your book a handy Guide to better understand Duplicate bridge.Your comments add a little humour and make reading at times a compilation of your Bridge experiences -Wayne G. -The introduction lays out what the book covers and delivers on the promised fun activity -Dave D. -Your introduction is so friendly it really sets the mood for your Newcomer friendly book -Nancy S. Advanced players, Club managers and Teachers also heartedly CONCUR; Brian has written a great book, much needed for the Newcomers to the world of Duplicate. It will serve as a great resource book for novices everywhere. Duplicate bridge is THE way to improve one’s game. The book will make all hurdles dissipate. Barbara Seagram, Renowned Author and Teacher. I think this (book) is helpful for players coming to Duplicate for the first time. Potentially, you really may be appealing to a larger audience. Most (players) have no clue about how to score or what the basic rules of etiquette are or any understanding of the ‘Laws of Bridge’. All of these areas you address. I don’t think there is anything out there quite like it. Nice job. - Jeff Bayone, Co-President and Managing Partner, HONORS Bridge Club, NYC. It is really meaningful when an author can put so many personal and interesting thoughts and facts into a book which will be of such help to those who are moving forward into the fascinating game of Duplicate bridge. There is so much to absorb along the journey that I have no doubt that ‘A Newcomer’s Guide’ will be read and reread by those who are lucky to have their own copy. Selwyn Kossuth, Bronze LM, MObridge Community BC. -Well done, very informative, an enjoyable read, love the images -Anne Sixsmith, Ruby LM, Director/Owner Washago BC. -Great, very helpful to new players -Margo Davidson, LM, Director Haliburton Highland BC. - Many aspiring new bridge players eventually, with trepidation, venture out to their local duplicate bridge club to give it a try. For new players the world of duplicate bridge can be a daunting and humbling experience. For such players, Brian Gray's "A Newcomers Guide: Stress-Free Introduction To Duplicate Bridge" is a wonderful reference to help them better prepare for the experience of club play. With detail and humour, Brian gently guides the reader through every aspect of what to expect as you get ready for your debut at the duplicate table. In addition to the to the fine explanations and advice, this book presents, the quality of the type-style, pages, graphics and illustrations is terrific. Colour abounds throughout, bringing the pages alive. Brian's book should be a "must-read" for every newer player - and for more experienced players as well. Brian, you have done bridge players a great service with your guide. Congratulations - well done indeed! -John Rayner - Canada’s Brian Gray has produced a pictorial guide for new players, helping them understand the wonderfully complicated world of duplicate bridge. This is not a book about bidding, play or defense. Rather, it is an illustrated manual on rules, scoring, etiquette and hardware that make up live bridge. This is not a book that I'd show to someone who's never tried duplicate before; they might well find it overwhelming. But this is the perfect book for those who have tasted the fun of duplicate bridge and are clearly hungry for more. You can always tell the newbie addicts: They have a million questions. Gray's book does a great job at answering almost all of them. Experienced players can easily forget the steep learning curve our game has. Boards, guide cards, bidding boxes, scoring machines or travelers (not to mention how to keep score), and convention cards: The decor of the bridge table is ornate. The Laws and the role of the director can be intimidating to new players, too. It's bad enough remembering how Stayman and transfers work. Keeping up with the arcane rules of our game is an additional layer of potential frustration, but Gray expertly handles all of these topics with friendly explanations and lots of pictures. - Paul Linxwiler, Executive Editor, ACBL Bridge Bulletin I would highly recommend this well thought-out and laid-out book for any player who is new to duplicate. It is an easy read and provides answers to questions almost all “newbies” would have. - Sharon Carter, American Bridge Teacher’s Association

Co-Winner of the 2021 American Bridge Teachers’ Association Applebasket Teaching Tip Contest Brian R Gray P.Eng, is a retired professional consulting Geotechnical Engineer. He enjoyed playing Duplicate Bridge for 5 years so much so, that he wrote this book for Newcomers and Contract Bridge players like himself who want the extra challenge of the Duplicate Bridge game format and would benefit from his mistakes/ experiences. Brian initially started writing to update his partnership agreement with his twin brother, Wayne...his regular partner for the past 4 years. He typically spent time reviewing the Hand Record results of their games, writing copious notes on what went right or wrong. Brian was fortunate to be partnered with two experienced players who mentored him on the Bridge regulations and the game itself. He thought it would be very helpful to Newcomers to the game to have the necessary information for success in a single book at their finger tips. Brian can still remember how nervous he was for his second game walking into a hall set up for 30 bridge tables, unfamiliar with Duplicate Bridge game format and not knowing a soul or having a partner! This Newcomer’s Guide will teach you all the necessary rules and regulations to take away the stress at the table and allow you to concentrate on improving your bidding, playing and defensive skills. Brian and his wife Rosemary enjoy playing social Bridge with family and friends. She plays socially twice a week with friends and at the condo Bridge club while he is down at the MObridge club doing his thing. They also enjoy cruising, time at the cottage, golfing, bowling, singing in a musical group and time with friends and extended family.


Brian R. Gray

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