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Teaching Aqua Yoga
by Corinne Sippola

Teaching Aqua Yoga is an exciting and fresh look at how to combine two very popular fitness disciplines. Aqua fit instructors, yoga teachers, personal trainers – and in fact, anyone looking to add the amazing benefits of aqua yoga in their own lives – will appreciate this comprehensive manual on how to share this form of water exercise with others.

When taught correctly, aqua yoga can improve fitness levels and balance, increase self-awareness, and reduce stress. Aqua yoga is particularly beneficial to people dealing with injuries or physical limitations, such as joint issues or balance challenges. To ensure a holistic approach to teaching this form of exercise, this book includes an overview of its benefits, a detailed description of 67 yoga poses for the water (each with its own photo), class templates, and scripts for guided meditation. Thorough, illustrative and motivational, Teaching Aqua Yoga is a must-have resource for fitness instructors and enthusiasts alike.

“For those who have an affinity for water or perhaps physical limitations, aqua yoga can be a great alternative to a traditional yoga class. Teaching Aqua Yoga is a well-designed resource for practitioners and instructors alike with a wide variety of poses and detailed instructions.”

Barbara Copeland

Proprietor of Living Yoga

“Corinne’s book was an enlightening and empowering read. As a yoga teacher, I was able to appreciate her flow and class sets and as a yoga student I could see how it would be amazing to be taught this way in an aquatic setting. It almost made we want to go buy a new bathing suit and jump in the pool!”

Julie Sweeney

Certified yoga instructor


“Thoughtfully written and easy to understand, Corinne has laid the foundation for fitness instructors and water enthusiasts alike to easily adopt yoga poses and the properties of water into any aqua fitness-based workout.  Her method of describing the poses and her ability to interject humour and wit throughout the chapters makes for an enjoyable and motivating read.  Where’s my bathing suit?  I want to try Aqua Yoga!”

Amanda Smith

General Manager YMCA of Central East Ontario-Belleville Branch

Corinne Sippola photo

Corinne Sippola is a certified personal trainer and yoga instructor with over ten years of industry experience. She also holds certifications in water exercise, group fitness, and meditation. Her journey to bring aqua yoga to others is reflected in her first book – Teaching Aqua Yoga.

Corinne lives and teaches fitness in Trenton, Ontario. You can find out more about her at:


Corinne Sippola

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