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Historical Fiction, U.S. Navy, Cold War, Cryptography, 1960s, England, Naval Military History

Book Two: The Motherland
From Sand to Sea and Distant Shores
by Mac Magee

Although officially in the somewhat nebulous genre of Fiction, it's a mix being "based upon a true story". Set in the early 1960's a young sailor transfers from the natural realm of the seas to shore duty encountering quite unexpected and enlightening adventures in Cold War London. Readers are left to sort out what may or may not be true, "why?" is explained in the Preface. Explicitly revealed are:

* What Lloyds of London sold besides insurance

* Classified behind-the-scenes military activities

* What the President said vs what we did!

* The workings of Cryptography; Codes, Ciphers, machines and brief history.

* deep love headed to matrimony unexpectedly and tragically destroyed

* A taboo, Gay-straight military, love, sex triangle

* An attempt at espionage recruitment foiled

* A "Yank's" assimilation of British citizenry and culture

* The Beatles before fame and fortune

* I become a Scout Master and a Movie Star?

It's true that fact is sometimes stranger than fiction and perhaps readers will agree. My story isn't a James Bond thriller; but it's as close as I've ever come to it ! Upon reenlisting, the Navy gave me the choice of where I wanted to go; Now eligible for shore duty, I chose London and getting it brought me to experiences I'd never otherwise have had; the interesting, challenging learning opportunities that came my way enriched and widened my life … and opened my eyes!

"Book Two of Mac's trilogy continues with his experience as a young sailor and life in a foreign land. He keeps you reading as he writes of his adventures; his life in the Navy as a Cryptographer; the exploration of a friendly, but unfamiliar culture and the women he meets along the way. Mac Magee is a great story-teller!" --- Susan Stice Mcintyre, High School Classmate

"Once I started reading Mac's Book Two; 'The Motherland', I couldn't put it down, always wondering what the next interesting episode would be and what new information would be disclosed --- David C. Lyon: High School classmate, Graduate U.S. Air Force Academy, Masters of Aerospace Operations Management (U.S.C.)

Mac Magee photo

At 81, wife Vel and I live in Cane Beds, Arizona. Writing was not a professional pursuit for me, until in a nationwide company I created their newsletter. I then wrote sales and promotional pieces and was asked by friends to write things from a legal response to a World War II personal account for Reader's Digest. In college, I wrote and reported for the newspaper, also working with the huge Process Camera in Print Shop.

1st book 2015: "The Woman Board" - abuse, depression, escape and online dating: 63 women in 9 months.

2nd book: 2017: A trilogy, "From Sand to Sea and Distant Shores: Book One: To Sea"

3rd book: 2019: "From Sand to Sea and Distant Shores: Book Two: The Motherland".

Published articles in The Tin Can Sailor quarterly, "I Write for Vets"; I donate 1/3 of all my book royalties to the Ivins, Utah Vets Home.


Mac Magee
David C. Lyon

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