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Prayer, Mother-daughter, Maritimes, Toronto, Angels, Faith, Cancer

Emma's Watch
by Deny Dallaire

Have you ever done something completely reckless in your life? Rather, have you ever done something completely reckless out of love for someone else? Not romantic love, but rather pure unconditional love.

Emma's Watch is the fictional story a bright twelve-year-old girl living in New Brunswick during the 1980s. The love she feels for her mother is unconditional. After discovering that a priceless family heirloom, her great grandfather's gold pocket watch, is no longer working because of something she had done, Emma embarks on an incredible journey while trying to right a wrong. She quickly learns valuable life lessons, including how positive things often come out of tragic events, how those around us are often there for a reason and how LOVE truly sets us free.

From a small village in rural New Brunswick, through two World Wars and ending in the metropolis of Toronto, this antique gold pocket watch has quite a story to tell. While it's told from a child's perspective, all reading age groups, from teenagers, to young adults, can enjoy this story. However this story truly transcends age and there is something in it for young and old alike.

Bullying, alcoholism, abuse, crime and cancer are all themes which are addressed in this book. But more importantly, contained within its pages are themes of love, hope, forgiveness, redemption, healing and salvation.

"Some truths can only be embraced through a life journey, no matter how short or how long it may be."

Marie-Paule LeBlanc

Lifelong Book Reader

"The strength and vulnerability of the women in this story are truly inspirational."

Christa Steeves

Single Mother and Avid Reader

Deny Dallaire photo

Deny Dallaire is a six-time cancer survivor, published author and motivational speaker. His first book about his personal cancer experiences, Many Shades of Green, was published in 2010. Today, even though he is still facing several health challenges, through his Christian faith, Deny continues to be grateful and focuses on the many blessings life has bestowed upon him.

Written and published in 2018, Emma's Watch is Deny's first attempt at a novel. Reflecting on his own life's experiences, as well as love for his province and pride in his country, Deny created a wonderful story that will most assuredly speak to you in one way, shape or form.


Deny Dallaire

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