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Pray And Stay Connected To God
by Patience E. Iwoh

This book is an inspirational, devotional and prayer guide, it is written based on fresh inspiration that I have received from God in the cause of my daily walk with Him. I have discovered that the more i pray, the more I connect to God and hear from God. And when I pray less, I get disconnected from God. I have also observed that Many Christians today, also experience an unstable connection with God; They are in and out of fellowship with God. They can be on fire for God today and become lukewarm the next day. This book is meant to help Christians pray and to maintain a stable connection with God. The more you pray, the more you connect to God. There is so much evil happening in the world today that can make a Christian to easily disconnect from God. Prayer is the key to maintaining a stable connection with God. Pray and Stay connected to God Always. May God bless you real good.

I have discovered that many christians see prayer as hard work that they must prepare and plan. before prayers can occur,but this is not the case. If a Christian stays connected to God, prayer becomes easy, and He/She will become more prayerful and become more powerful.

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Patience Iwoh is a teacher and a Deaconess in the Redeemed Christian Church of God, a worldwide Pentecostal church with its headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria. She lives in Calgary, Alberta,Canada. She is married to Deacon James Iwoh, A minister of God and a chemical engineer. They are blessed with three children, Alexander, Jeffery and Stephanie. She is a teacher who enjoys teaching the word of God, impacting knowledge and encouraging christians to serve God with Joy. Patience has served in several ministries in the church: Sunday school, Prayer band, children's church, Chosen Generation Children's choir, Workers directorate. She is an unquenchable worshipper and songwriter and has served as Praise and worship leader in many churches across Nigeria, Middle East ( Muscat-Oman ), Houston ( TX ) and in Calgary, Canada. Patience is an Educator and currently works as an Early Childhood Educator with BrightPath. She has two bachelor degrees; Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Nursing and Post Baccalaureate from University of Calgary.


Patience E. Iwoh
Pastor Dave Arogbonlo
Pastor Edidiong Udofia

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