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Mystery, Adventure, Teen adventure, Young adult mystery, Murder mystery, Teen fiction, High school

Chased Away
by Mel Kratz

When teen Alison "Ace" Wale's mother is tragically murdered, her father, a police officer, finds three suspects he believes are responsible. But Alison knows they didn't do it, and without adults she can talk to, she must set out on her own to find who did. To protect the innocent, Alison hides the suspects in the forest while she looks for evidence of the real killer. But when she discovers a terrifying secret about another police officer, Alison has to fight against the clock to crack this case before the killer strikes again - or the next victim might just be her.

Mel Kratz was born in the small town of Dawson Creek, BC, but raised in Saskatchewan. She has always been drawn to writing and sharing stories, and mysteries are her favourite. She also enjoys art and sports, whether it's watching them or participating in them. She likes travelling, especially in British Columbia, where the weather is better. Her writing is inspired by Girl on The Train by Paula Hawkins, a fantastic thriller book that made her want to write her own.


Mel Kratz

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