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Sun Down
Grief Diaries of an Ordinary Father
by Jeff R. Wright

When Jackson Wright was killed in a freak accident on the front lawn of his house, just shy of his ninth birthday, his close-knit and loving family found themselves utterly devastated and adrift, unsure of how to even go about the process of moving forward without him. With the support of friends, family, and an amazing community, they managed to keep going through those unbelievably painful first days, which included the service for Jackson and returning to their home without him afterward.

In the weeks and months that followed, Jackson’s father found some comfort and release in the writing of an online blog, through which he kept his circle of extended family and friends informed about his family’s progress, avoiding the repetitive cycle of awkward questions and painful answers.

Sundown expands on that blog, telling the story of an amazing young boy, the impact he had on those around him, and his family’s inspiring journey towards a new normal. It is just one part of an amazing legacy inspired by an incredible little boy who was taken far too soon.

With surprising insight, wisdom, and humor, the story takes its audience on a raw and relatable journey of determination and survival. It will change the way you look at love and loss, and inspire you to hold your loved ones closer than ever, leaving nothing between you unsaid.

Jeff brings people together; a trait he passed to his son at an early age. He has an intrinsic desire to keep people connected. Be it sports and beer, or road trips and music, or reunion planning and self-declared holidays (ask him about Donut Day or Mike Bossy Day), he is at the centre of a lot of laughs and tears. In hindsight, it is no surprise that Jeff elected to write a blog to keep friends and family close during a heart wrenching time. He has no professional credentials to be considered an expert in the field of grief counselling or survival. Instead, his membership in a horrible club that no-one should ever have to join, made up of parents who have outlived their child, has provided ugly but necessary wisdom. With that painful yet undeniably in-depth expertise, he hopes that his experiences and perspective might help someone else who is going through a painful loss.

Jeff lives in New Brunswick with his wife, Jackie, and their daughter, Abby, surrounded by the beauty of the maritime landscape, and memories and friends of their beloved Jackson.


Jeff R. Wright

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