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Poetry, Poems for kids, Magic, Children’s stories, Garden fairies, Positivity and love, Wonder

If You Wave Your Wand
Stories For The Wildest Hearts by Stephanie A. Decker

Magic is all around us. Crystal balls, flying fairies, spells of love, and mystical portals into other worlds … it’s all right there. We just need to remember. Children can help part that veil once more, with eyes more willing to see. Through their innocence and joy, we can revisit a better time―a time when we believed … in magic.

If You Wave Your Wand is a book for nurturing wonder and inspiring dreams―dreams that can last a lifetime. These stories remind us of the beauty and magic surrounding us every day, in the flowers and the sunlight, in our own imaginations, and in the love between a parent and a child.

With its beautiful illustrations and childlike recognition of the magical mysteries that exist within nature, and within ourselves, these stories will send your children out the door with open eyes and wild hearts, and show us all what can really happen … If You Wave Your Wand.

Blue collar through and through, Stephanie A. Decker operates and refurbishes heavy equipment, earning her living by playing in the dirt. If this job has taught her anything, it is that simple beauty and magic can be found all around us, no matter where you are or what you are doing.

She sees magic and finds inspiration in her children, as she has done since they were little, and can think of nothing more important than instilling a sense of wonder in young minds―something she hopes to accomplish with her writing.

Her children, Braxton and Paige, have grown up exploring the outdoors, listening to stories of the magic and mysteries that surround us, and searching for the fairies in the Crocus flowers that bloom in the field surrounding their home in the little town of Boring, Oregon (Yes, that’s its real name). Also sharing these adventures is their sidekick, Alice Darling, their wrinkly, hairless, grey sphinx kitten, whose image graces many of the pages of this book.


Stephanie A. Decker
Ian Kirkpatrick

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