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Family & Relationships, Humour, Humor, Memoir & Biography, Children, Coming of Age, Adventure

The Care and Feeding of Harry
by Ray Findlay

It seems Harry Flapper leads a charmed life.

But then again, maybe charmed isn’t quite the right word. Because when Harry is around—and even when he isn’t—very strange things seem to happen. Like a moose goring a dune buggy to death. And the fixation of the local police with the mysterious Flapper Gang. And who could forget Victoria, Harry’s winsome mother who daily faces the many challenges of keeping her husband Bull alive and in one piece and her family one step removed from another calamity. Add a full cast of grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and several other hapless and sometimes flirtatious creatures, and you have a recipe for mishaps and hilarity.

And then there’s Harry himself: only son, besotted with his ever-expanding bug and coin collections, naïve to the wiles of certain young ladies of his acquaintance and never far from his own misadventures. The Care and Feeding of Harry is a fun- filled tale of Forrest Gumpian proportions. Prepare to enter Harry’s world, where nothing is sacred and each story is full of wit and irreverence. And find out why he detests chocolate.

Debut fiction author and retired professor Ray Findlay got tired of writing turgid texts about engineering topics and some years ago turned his attention to his son and his forthcoming marriage. Deciding that he wanted to give his son a very special gift, he collected a series of anecdotes loosely related to real life, wrote them up, had them bound and presented to him as his wedding gift. Realizing he had a book in development and with two daughters who expected something about them, he set about writing The Care and Feeding of Harry. He’s now working on a sequel Following Harry. Ray and his wife live in Hamilton, Ontario with their cat Sushi, who is the inspiration for Claws the Cat in the book.


Ray Findlay

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