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Sex and business, Pursuit of success, Career and romance, Corporate success, Career woman, Money and sex, Love and work

This is Union
by Shivani

This is Union depicts a young girls journey into woman hood. Along the way she losses herself to the excitement and passion of the men who enter her life, then to the money of her fast life success. Eventually shes driven to risky behaviors,manipulation tactics and the aid of all substances imaginable to cope with her new found lifestyle. Before long her false image in the fake world she crated begins to unravel. Lies are exposed, ego and pride becomes shattered and our lost girl struggles to find herself among it all.

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SP Shivani born March 1987 to Indian immigrant parents was raised in colonial Georgetown, Guyana. She then travels to Toronto, Canada in pursue of a Canadian education at the age of nine. During her eighteen years abroad the, then amateur writer struggled to find her narrative voice through composing song lyrics and journal style story telling. It isn't until the age of 27 that her first book, "This Is Union," begins to take shape as one single story composed of many short tails collected over years. Sequel to "This is Union" titled "Off the Record" is set to be released early 2021. Book page can be followed on Facebook under it's title "This is Union" and on its Instagram page @_thisisunion for future updates.



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