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Bullying, Workplace bullying, Workplace harassment, Moral disengagement, Mindfulness, Rationalization, Moral Sensitivity

Mapping Workplace Bullying Behaviours to Moral Disengagement
by Terrance Sereda

Literature of the last couple of decades has studied the phenomenon of workplace bullying extensively. Researchers have approached the subject from a range of aspects, including characteristics of the behaviour. Some have applied the theory of moral disengagement to their efforts to gain a better understanding of the workplace-bullying phenomenon.

The theoretical discussion in this book examines workplace bullying from the perspective of moral disengagement theory. The author qualitatively analyzes seven different categories of workplace bullying for the manner in which they might be mapped to the eight mechanisms of moral disengagement. The goal? To initiate a discussion around mapping workplace bullying behaviours to the mechanisms of moral disengagement. Continued study in this subject area may produce a list of qualitative descriptions that would perhaps allow the development of a global perspective of the phenomenon of workplace bullying. There may be, for example, some rationalisations (and thus specific mechanisms of moral disengagement) that are more predominant than others and that could facilitate the development of effective intervention measures in the workplace.

Terrance J. Sereda is a scientist (M.Sc.) with 25 years of experience in the field of biochemistry, including fourteen years in the pharmaceutical industry. He has published five scientific articles in peer reviewed journals, four as first author and once as second author and is a co-inventor on two patents. Since retiring from the field of science, he has directed his attention to increasing awareness of bullying in the workplace, within the Canadian perspective, and has posted ten blogs on the subject area. Additionally, he has read extensively on the theory of moral disengagement and how it could potentially be linked to the phenomenon of workplace bullying. Thus, as an independent scholar, he continues to get the message out with respect to bullying in the workplace and enhancing our knowledge of the subject.


Terrance Sereda

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