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Murder, suspense, supernatural, young adult, pendant, twins, Amaya

Crime By Design
by Andrea Peter

Amaya June is a young woman mourning the death of her father. Not believing the tragic hit and run that claimed her father’s life was an accident, she and her close friends Megan and Tyler try to dig up some answers. During their investigation, they uncover secrets that her father had been hiding from her for the past twenty-two years. Adding to the chaos of their discoveries is the appearance of two Italian twin brothers in their town. Although charming and handsome, Steven and Aaron have their own dark secrets that somehow seem to involve Amaya. With every step closer to the truth, Amaya finds more secrets unraveling and hints that something supernatural is happening in her small town of Mill Hills. Yet amidst this chaos is a chance for Amaya to find love in an unexpected place – if she doesn’t get killed in the process.

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Andrea Peter was born on June 06, 1996 and lives in BC, Canada with her supportive family. She graduated high school with honours and now is getting a degree in English for her writing career and future work in office administration. After the success of her first book, Life Isn’t a Fairytale, Andrea was once again inspired and decided to write and publish Crime By Design.

Andrea is also a photographer, video editor, model, and background actor. To find out what’s next for this young woman, follow her journey on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and her website:


Andrea Peter

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