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Christianity, church, prayer, faith, worship, ministry, prophecy

A Sunday Devotional
The Book of Jeremiah
by Lorie E. Bond

As this book is being prepared I am so humbled and grateful that God has taught me patiently one on one over the years at the altar. Bored in church I spent hours seeking God in an attitude of praise, thanksgiving, and prayer. I waited for Him to show me what He wanted to show me, as I did, growth and understanding started to come forth. When you take the time to seek Him and His will...He will speak. Each reading for the week combines scripture, commentary, practical application, and prayers that will strengthen you, encourage you, and direct you back to God for His plans for you right now in your life. You are not alone in this journey. God is changing His church for His plans and purposes. You are a part of His church. Enjoy how God has created you. Celebrate it, as it works with the purpose for which you were created. To submit to God's plans for your life is a privilege, exciting, and so much fun!

I have been a christian since the early 1990's. God has changed me and taken me through many different circumstances to teach and train me for His purposes and plans. It was in 2008 that God took me out of what I had planned for my life and He started putting me where He wanted me to be. He said, “ I want to show you who I am, your church life does not depict who I am.” Thank You Father for showing me a different way.

It has been a privilege and a blessing to submit to God's plans and set my agenda aside. It has not always been easy but I am doing things I never thought possible and I am much more complete as a person now that I am submitting to what I was created to do. I am excited and thrilled to see people awake to the freedom God has for them as they submit everything to Him and follow what His plans are for their lives. To live everyday in total submission to God's plans and purposes allows you to live the best life that God created you to live.


Lorie E. Bond
Lucas Bond

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