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Mothman legend, Point Pleasant, West Virginia folklore, Chief Cornstalk, Historical fiction, Fort Randolph, Silver Bridge

Mothman's Vengeance
by Marilyn Brokaw Hall

Every year since 2002, over the third weekend of September, the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia holds its Mothman Festival. But starting back in November 1966, locals reported dozens of disturbing sightings of a winged man near the Silver Bridge over the Ohio River. A little less than a year later, the Silver Bridge collapsed due to undetected structural defects right at the evening rush hour. Forty-six people lost their lives and nine more were injured.

Mothman’s Vengeance offers a new perspective on an ancient Shawnee curse and ongoing mystery. When New York Detective Richard Cooper is found brutally murdered, Point Pleasant police search diligently for clues but come up empty-handed. As Richard’s only son Michael presses the police, he begins to remember childhood nightmares of a red-eyed spectre. Then he learns his estranged mother was killed by a hit and run driver. As strange happenings and disturbing phone calls mount around Michael and his young family, the mystery deepens. Safe only within the walls of his ancestral home, Michael must find the clue that will release the curse that has killed generations of his forebears.

Marilyn Brokaw Hall, author of The Ring Master’s Secret: A Tale of Witchcraft and Deception, grew up in South- eastern Ohio near Point Pleasant, West Virginia. As a teenager, she was intrigued about the rumors and myths surrounding Mothman. She grew up in the area during the original Mothman sightings and remembered how chilling the thought of meeting up with this creature would be. Mothman’s Vengeance is her fanciful vision about Mothman’s origins. She currently lives in Central Ohio with her husband Orman and enjoys spending time with her adult children and grandchildren.


Marilyn Brokaw Hall

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