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Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

childhood, rhymes, animals, parents, humour, directions, growing up

Molly McFrost Gets Lost
by Mary Friedman and Hannah Friedman

Reading with young children will set them up for success and feed their thirst for knowledge! This charming story will engage young listeners and readers as they embark on a journey to find their own way. The rhythm and rhyme of the words will encourage young readers to develop early reading skills and get a feel for working with words in various ways.

- manipulating sounds

- recognizing rhymes

- counting syllables

- predicting outcomes

Molly McFrost can also guide beginning writers, and storytellers of all ages, as a mentor text. This book can be used in many ways to help young writers take risks to grow as storytellers. By examining the narrative details, the rhyming format, or the development of simple ideas, Molly McFrost will arm writers with the tools they need to create great stories.

Molly McFrost is the story of a lovable little girl that loses her way. Trying to get home from school on her own is proving to be tricky and she will need something very special to help her out! Molly is a free spirit that learns a valuable lesson about determination and the importance of continuing to try until you succeed. With her mom’s help Molly discovers that there is always a way to find your path.

Mary Friedman and Hannah Friedman photo

Hannah McTaggart is a Student Services Teacher for grades K-4 with a love for reading and writing. As a way to show her students that ideas can come from anywhere and that anyone can be a writer if they try, she began the journey with her students to discover how to make your ideas into a ‘real’ book! As a little girl, Hannah was a free spirit and often lost her way. Hannah’s mother would worry that she would get lost. Along with her mother, Mary Friedman, they wrote a story to illustrate that even those who lose their way, will eventually find their own path.


Mary Friedman
Hannah Friedman

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