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Ifa, Orunmila, Odu manual, Santeria, Pataki, Afro Cuban Santeria, Orishas

Humanities Greatest Little Messenger From a Fanatic's Point of View
from a fanatic’s point of view
by Orunmila's Servant

Humanities Greatest Little Messenger From a Fanatic’s Point of View, is a book written to open all the doors about Eleggua written from an ELEGGUA FANATIC’S point of view. Every single aspect of Eleggua, in every single detail about Eleggua is meticulously written here to rival any and all books on Eleggua previously published. Anything you ever wanted to know about Eleggua is in this book, including songs, the specific plants he has, all the way down to all his paths and so so much more. I am certain not only does a book like this not exist up until now but the information is so vast that you will be surprised by the sheer fanatical approach taken in ways I believe nobody has ever revealed about Eleggua in the way this book does. For anybody who is a child of Eleggua you need to have this book so you can read it from an author who loves Eleggua more than life itself.

Humanities greatest little messenger from a fanatic's point is a view, is a book dedicated to the most important Orisha in my life as a Santeria practitioner. I am completely and utterly obsessed with this Orisha, who loves me when I have nobody left in my corner, to those who never gave me a chance because I am Italian and wanted to be a Babalawo for the rest of my life, Eleggua supported me. Eleggua never forgets me and never forgets to let me know I am important each and every time, without fail, and helps me continue my path to serving the world with Ifa. Eleggua has always believed in me since my first day in Santeria, if it was not for Eleggua I would never have had a chance in life. Everything I am, everything I will be, and everything great in my life is because of Eleggua


Orunmila's Servant

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