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Wieners Are People Too
A Pocketbook of Poetry
by Chris Boldt

Do you think you know everything about your dog?

Pocket the Polecat keeps surprising me. The photos I have taken of her sleeping or at play, have inspired me to write the Pocket Poetry Book. Since people know more about themselves than an observer does, I have decided to let Pocket (the Polecat) speak for herself. I envision this book to be enjoyed even by people who do not like poetry. It is easy to read and I hope you laugh along the way.

Wieners are People Too, will leave you marvelling at this dog who is funny and fierce and nefarious. It will make you wonder if your own dog is intellectually inadequate, or worse, controlling your mind. The tales of Pocket, aka the Polecat, will challenge the concept that dominant behaviour is always ugly. When wielded by a tiny Wiener, it can be quite hilarious. So go ahead and laugh. She’ll never know. Unless she’s already learned to read.....

Wendy Pagdin-Friesen, BA BEd

A cottage in the forest of BC, Canada is where I and the Polecat are content to be the subjects of cabin fever. No TV or internet subjects us to a “must write” situation. I take no claims to fame. I live on a humble income with my low-life companion who is always cheerful, affectionate and loving. The Polecat and I want to share our delight in life with our fellow canine enthusiasts.


Chris Boldt

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