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Target Audience:
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Sight words, learn to read, beginner book, easy reading, young reader, learning, basic concept

I Love to Read Three Letter Words
by Ms Angie O

I love to read books are foundation tools that help your child get a head start in reading. Each book comprises of short, simple, easy to read sight words for their different developmental levels. These books were developed to create a great bonding time between caregivers and their children, by sounding out these sight words aloud and having the child repeat these words. Repetition helps children improve their reading skills and speed, increase vocabulary and confidence in their reading ability.

The books in these series include; I Love To Read My Two Letter Words, I Love to Read my Three Letter Words, I Love to Read my Numbers, I Love to Read All About Me, I Love to Read Words That Sound Alike, Carol the Discriminating Mom, The Tortoise Tricks and more. These books are meant to create easier ways for kids to read and write at an early age. The sight words show letters put together, and then put together into word.

Ms Angie O is a full time nurse and a mom of four who has always had an interest in teaching children from a very young age. Based on her experiences as an elementary school teacher, she was able to create an easier and fun way for kids to read and write at an early age. She sparked their interest and curiosity in reading by sharing fictional stories with moral lessons that was passed down to her from her grandmother. These stories and lessons contributed in creating strong moral values and good character in her kids. Angie hopes that these books will be a great bonding experience for parents and their children.


Ms Angie O

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