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Self-Help, Spousal Abuse, Abusive Relationships, Family & Relationships, Controlling Relationships, Physical Abuse, Spiritual Healing

Abuse No More
Keys to Freedom From Abuse
by Teena Louise Rawding

Do you know someone whose freedom is stolen and they are servant day and night to a controller?

How controllers work is one of the biggest mysteries of any relationship.

The enemy one sleeps with, can also be smart, kind, and do many good things. The fact that this person is also abusive, is most puzzling and nearly impossible to believe.

The book, Abuse No More, will help you unravel it's mysteries, and give courage to anyone who is caught in the web of abuse. It's not a sudden fix, but a journey. Reading, a page at a time, will help to unlock one door after another, until one day you will be able to take that step, out into freedom.

The first step is to learn again to listen to your heart and to trust it.

There are many wrong beliefs to kick out and new beliefs to embrace. You will easily glide from page to page, whether you have only a minute to read, or sitting in your favourite safe place to discover hope you've waited for. Feel the arm around you and new courage fill your veins.

Soon you WILL find your way to safety and freedom!

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Teena Rawding has been there!

She says, she doesn't need a plaque to know she has her PHD in Abuse. She got her training, 'by experience'.

After 36 years of life with an abuser, she is now able to share her wealth of wisdom and experience, with the world. Her passion is to give hope and confidence to those still stuck in the web of abuse.

Teena, Canadian born, grew up in a loving Mennonite home, situated near the Icelandic settlement of Heckla Island just North of Riverton Manitoba. Here her parents Frank and Margaretha Brandt raised their large family. Though poor in finances, the riches of a humble, yet Godly home, stayed with her and gave her strength through the many years of a tumultuous marriage.

Eventually Teena did step out of abuse and into freedom, where she got all the help she needed, to heal.

Teena is remarried and lives in Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia to a man who has made up to her the years the locusts have eaten; her mentor, lover and best friend, Daniel.

It is never too late to start over. The best is yet to come.


Teena Louise Rawding

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