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flying squirrels, imagination, animals, early readers, children’s literature, adventure, family

Thumper Finds A New Home
by EPMack

Thumper and Thelma, two flying squirrels who live in an old attic with their many brothers and sisters, venture out one day and have an exciting adventure. They survive a rainstorm, play on the clouds, and even chase a rainbow! At the end of the story, however, they can’t find their way back home… but they do find happiness in a new residence.

EPMack started teaching in the 1940’s in a 1 room schoolhouse in Wisconsin. Education was her passion and teaching assignments in places such as Hong Kong, Australia and England took her on many adventures. An avid reader, EPMack would read up to a book a day before losing her eyesight in her late eighties. At 96 years old, she decided to write her first children’s book, which was inspired by a family of flying squirrels that took up residence in her attic. Being the mother of 2 and numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren, she had lots of help in completing her labor of love book



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