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Canadian fiction, Mystery, Murder, Police procedural, Crime, Detective fiction

The Whole Truth
...And Nothing But the Truth by Donald Kimura


in the quiet town of Caledon, Ontario with her precious diamonds stolen, and the DNA points her finger of guilt directly at the farm-hand Benjamin Martim, the cops don’t listen when he claims the blood found at the crime scene is not his. Against all odds, Walter Asano, a worn-out lawyer on the verge of retirement, takes on Martin’s defense. Little does he know that his persistence in getting things right will lead him across the country to uncover the unexpected, as he delves into the histories of people whose lives have been embroiled in hardships. With each new surprising development in the case, readers will be left wondering who is guilty of the crime until the very end, when the system of justice itself is called into question.

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DONALD KIMURA is a retired lawyer whose practice was in a small town north of Toronto, and included criminal and family law. He was involved in business ventures and was a CEO for a biotech company that focused on blood substitutes. The experiences in the legal biotech

industries, coupled with an interest in family dynamics assisted him in his writing The Whole Truth...And Nothing But the Truth. He lives with his wife and their Shitsu-Poodle in the beach district of Toronto. When not writing, he is an avid fan of baseball, hockey, and golf.


Donald Kimura

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