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Christianity, Faith, Christian living, Youth pastor, Church, Ministry, Canada

The Ramblings Of An Unqualified Christian
by the unqualified Christian

Being a Christian means that there is a difference between how you live and how someone who has not yet found God lives. How Christians live their lives on Sunday mornings is how they are challenged to live their lives throughout the rest of the week. How Christians behave in every situation reflects not only who they are, but whose they are.

Living a Christian lifestyle on a daily basis might seem like a difficult task at times. This book provides guidance and support for young Christians and reassurance and understanding for more experienced Christians. Through personal stories and insights, you’ll find encouragement for your own faith journey, no matter where you are right now. Prayer, faith, church life, and scripture are just some of the topics to explore and take to heart.

With passion, humor, and grace, The Ramblings of an Unqualified Christian provides inspiration and encouragement to live the Christian life in all circumstances. Whether you are a new Christian or have been following Christ for most of your life, you will find a companion for your journey in these pages.

The unqualified Christian has served in various ministries of his local church, including children’s Bible school, youth ministry, and men’s ministry. His own walk with Christ and times of prayerful preparation for his teaching responsibilities within these ministries inspired him to write this book.


the unqualified Christian

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