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Self-Help, Mindfulness, Gratitude, Personal Growth, Inspritational, Stress Management, Affirmations

Being Joy
A 40-day program to heal your life and change the world
by Gloria Stewart

Being Joy™ is a comprehensive 40-day program for adults of all ages who may be feeling that something is missing in their lives. Perhaps they don't feel the same passion for what they do anymore or who they are. Or they may feel overwhelmed with worry and short on inspiration. Disconnected from themselves and others, they often become vulnerable to the trappings of quick-fix distractions such as drugs and alcohol. Bottom line -- they just want to remember what real joy feels like again before it's too late.

It this sounds like you or someone you know, then you were meant to find this book. By taking a few minutes each day to embody each chapter's unique theme and activity, the reader can begin to develop a more optimistic outlook on life while building a solid joyful living habit. Topics cover forty different themes such as:

• Worthiness

• Gratitude

• Forgiveness

• Flexibility

• Inspiration

• Balance

• Purpose

• Passion

• Alignment

It is the author's intention that when readers increase their self-awareness and mindfulness abilities by working this program, they will gradually move towards a greater expression of joyfulness in their daily experience, thereby elevating their vibrational frequency. As this occurs, they will begin to attract more positive events, people and opportunities into their lives. And that is truly joyful living!

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Gloria Stewart is a Joy and Abundance Activist who helps individuals and organizations expand their prosperity by moving beyond survival and into joyous thriving. Having spent more than thirty years as a successful business owner helping social-purpose organizations raise millions of dollars for causes that improve the wellbeing of individuals and communities, she has observed that when people combine purpose with passion, their joy expands. And by operating in the high vibration of joy energy, a person’s emotional, mental, and physical health also improves, allowing abundance to be more readily available. In addition to continuing her work in the social-purpose sector, Gloria conducts a variety of Being Joy workshops, retreats and personal sessions as a Joy and Abundance facilitator and certified Soul Coach. She makes her home on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia.


Gloria Stewart

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