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Up Close and Personal
The Equine Paintings
by Nancy B. Frank

In this equine painting series by Nancy B Frank, the images explore the sometimes troubled, sometimes harmonious, relationship between horse and human. Frank also delves into her artistic journey and some of her own relationships with horses she's known. Let your imagination envision the story behind each painting, where The Horse comes to life in acrylic on canvas.

"Nancy B. Frank has traveled the world to ride horses, experiencing different countries and cultures. Throughout these experiences, she remains amazed by the partnership with the horses. The relationship between human and horse is what creates the tension in her paintings. The images are larger than life, yet intimate, and strive to capture the beauty, power, and grace of the horse. It is a unique agreement and the spirit of both human and horse that make Frank’s paintings shine with light and life."

–Telluride Arts

“Frank paints with an emphasis of portraying not only the joy and beauty and the incredible spirit of the horse, but its character, its condition and its plight. She is unafraid to express horses burdened in leather, straps and gear. Frank paints in near realism and presents her subjects as sensitive, soulful creatures. What makes her paintings unique is that, beyond their surface beauty and nobility, she has a profound understanding of the . . . remarkable bargain between woman and beast. Frank paints how she lives. Authentic. Honest. Heartfelt."

–Brave Art Consulting

"The artist drills down to the sensitive and intelligent proclivities of a powerful companion. Her unflinching attention to the gritty detail of tack portrays the heart of a compassionate and responsive owner, rider and artist.”

–Anne Bachner, author of PRARIE LEGACY

"We aren't here for a long time, we're here for a good time." These are Nancy B. Frank's words to live by. After 13 years living in New York City, Frank chased her dream to "play horse" and moved to a small mountain town in Colorado. Here, she renewed her passion for painting, combining it with an insatiable desire to convey the movement of the horse in two-dimensions. Her paintings sweat, bend, and froth. Moments of flight are frozen; tails are in mid-swing, foamy white saliva sprays, and muscles flex. For Frank, the San Juan mountains serve as the perfect place for her studio, set amidst soaring aspen trees and the sounds of hoofbeats.

–Kelly Woods, Director, Marianne Boesky Gallery

Nancy B. Frank photo

Nancy B. Frank paints in figurative realism in acrylic on canvas. Frank has worked successfully in mediums as varied as painted wooden jewelry, sculptured cakes, designed and painted furniture, as well as photography. From her travels and experiences around the world, and from her being an equestrian herself, she has found her passion as a painter of horses. Frank earned an M.F.A. in photo-printmaking at the University of Wisconsin-Madison after receiving a B.F.A. in painting at Ohio Wesleyan University. She lives and works in Telluride, Colorado.


Nancy B. Frank

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