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Computer security, Virus, Time machine, conspiracy, Forensic technology, Solving crime, Corporate sabotage

Time Station
by Geoff Belair

Mark Bishop is a forensic technologist whose job is to track down evidence left behind after hackers attack a company’s computer systems. Outside of work, though, he is a compulsive tinkerer. When one of his inventions begins to exhibit strange and confusing behavior, Mark is forced to accept that he may have stumbled upon a groundbreaking discovery with amazing capabilities.

With the device in hand, he sets out to investigate its potential and makes some incredible breakthroughs about both its power and the responsibility it brings. Soon he finds himself embroiled in a criminal plot that is trying to undermine the United States on the world stage and knows that the device is his only hope. Confronted with a growing trail of bodies, Mark must race against time to unravel the conspiracy.

Geoff Belair is an author and computer specialist currently working as a vice-president in a large firm. He has spent thirty-nine years as a technician, systems architect, and programmer designing large transactional systems for financial institutions. His writing is inspired by his father and his children and draws from his long history with computers. Today he lives in Langley, British Columbia, Canada, with his mischievous dog Baxter. This is his first novel.


Geoff Belair

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