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1. eBook Edition
Target Audience:
  • Young Children (7-11 yrs old)

Childhood anxiety, Overcome anxiety, Farm animal book, Informal teaching, Mental health, Anxiety guidance, Informal council

Cindy and Cristabelle’s Big Scare
Book One of Lil' Steps Series
by Lucy Sloan

Cindy and Cristabelle are two little fainting goats with big worries. After all, while life at Lil' Steps Farm seems happy and safe, it could change at any moment! Yet no matter how cautious they are, their worries and fears keep growing, and soon Cindy and Cristabelle don’t know where to turn. Lucky for them, they have a friend in Wilbert the Pig. He’ll teach the goats that when you take a moment to appreciate the world around you, you’ll realize there’s a lot of reasons to feel as happy as happy can be!

Cindy and Cristabelle’s Big Scare tackles the subject of childhood anxiety disorders in two stages: the storybook and the workbook. This approach helps adults to learn more about anxiety and how to manage it together with their child. Adults and children alike will love joining the animals of Lil' Steps Farm in learning more about worries and fears, and how to overcome them!

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LUCY SLOAN is a counsellor and the owner of Lil' Steps Miniatures & Wellness Farm in St. Malo, Manitoba. After a terrible head injury turned her life upside down, Lucy learned firsthand the debilitating effects of anxiety. Two miniature horses proved crucial to her recovery, and from this experience the dream of Lil' Steps Farm was born. She has been providing children and teens with animal-assisted counselling ever since.

“Each animal on the farm has a story to tell. I wanted to share their stories with other children with the hope of helping them to learn about mental health challenges and how to overcome them,” says Lucy.

Lucy lives with her family and her animal co-workers at Lil’ Steps Farm, where together they play, explore nature, and enjoy being in the moment together.


Lucy Sloan
Contribution by
Joanne Lariviere

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