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Song Lyrics
Selections from 1986 - 2018
by James Strecker

James Strecker has published both poetry and song lyrics for over four decades. His writing and criticism have received the admiration of major artistic figures - including Oscar Peterson, Karen Kain, Sonny Rollins, Martha Henry, and B. B. King - for their deep insight, ‘eloquence,’ and musicality. His words have been set to music and recorded by jazz, popular and classical composers.


“James Strecker has a very musical approach to poetry and succeeds in carrying his reader along his improvisational pathways through the very misunderstood personalities of the jazz world.” … Oscar Peterson

“…a book of very fine words…” Sonny Rollins

“Without exception, the poems are lyrical, graceful and economical in construction…. many phrases which startle.” Judith Fitzgerald, The Toronto Star

‘’The book is good’’… B. B. King

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Widely published in literary journals, James Strecker is the author or editor of thirty books, including thirteen of poetry. His range includes books on jazz, blues, and ballet, and also Canadian crafts, incest, animal rights, bullying, and prison life. Strecker has also been a journalist and columnist, college professor for thirty years, publisher, human development consultant, workshop presenter, and Poet-in-Residence on CBC national radio.


James Strecker

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