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Target Audience:
  • Early Childhood (under 7 yrs old)

Juvenile fiction, Cancer treatment, Childhood cancer, Childhood illness, Children’s hospitals, Hospital stays, Chemotherapy

Just Like Me
by Julia Moerman

While playing with his social worker in the playroom of the hospital's cancer ward, a young boy peers through a hospital room window and spots a girl who looks just like him! She has no hair on her head, a tube in her nose, and she is wearing a hospital gown. During his stay at the hospital, the boy continues to look through the girl's window and discovers that she is diagnosed with cancer, misses her friends, and is afraid of medicine just like him! The boy doesn't feel as lonely knowing that there is someone else going through the same things he is going through in the hospital.

Julia Moerman is a wife, mother, and retired social worker living in Vancouver, British Columbia. Julia was inspired to write and illustrate this book after volunteering at Ronald McDonald House where she spent time with children diagnosed with cancer and their families. At Ronald McDonald House, Julia saw the value of children being able to spend time with others who look just like them and experience the same challenges together. Julia hopes that this story will be encouraging to young readers diagnosed with cancer and educational for their friends and family.


Julia Moerman

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