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Be Love
A Book about Awakening
by Ned Burwell

In the middle of a busy life, I found a willingness to love. I’ve had several awakenings and this book captures the heart of what I have discovered. It is about the journey of awakening, not just my awakening but yours as well. “Be Love,” is not a casual read; it is intended to turn the reader inward to experience a personal transformation. The material in this book has the power to radically shift your current state of consciousness. You hold the keys to your awakening and this book will prove that to you.

Ned Burwell

"Be Love is a powerful book that has the potential to change lives. Ned Burwell has taken complicated concepts and distilled them into an understandable and easy to follow format. The book is delightfully readable and filled with ideas on finding calm and translating that into a life of purpose and peace. Be Love should be considered essential reading for everyone ready to find a better way forward in these difficult times."

–Carol King

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Ned Burwell is a Non-Denominational Ordained Minister. He has devoted the last 20 years of his life studying spirituality and self help. He spent eight years with the Ishaya Monks, eventually he took vows and became a monk for one year. Ned is a self-employed artist working at his craft for the last 25 years. His experience as an artist spurred his awakening and his time with the monks helped deepen that awakening. In 2007, he had a mystical experience during a two-month meditation retreat in Mexico. He has not shared what happened to him after spending a day sitting on a pyramid during that retreat until now and writes of the experience in Be Love. This book holds some of the deep wisdom that was transferred to him during that mystical experience. Ned’s curious spirit and willingness to love has enlivened his ability to be a teacher to many. He has lived the pages of this book. He invites you to come along on a journey of your own awakening through this material.


Ned Burwell

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