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Economics, Bitcoin, Money, Government Financing, Deep State, Social Contract, Corporate Power

An Insider's Memoir
How Economics Changed to Work Against Us From Smith to Marx to Bitcoin by Gordon Bryant Brown

Do you wonder;

• Why is there so much national debt?

• Where has the middle class gone?

• Why do my kids have less opportunity than I did?

If so, this book is for you!

• 97% of money is created by the banks, not by governments.

• The Federal Reserve is a private bank controlled by private banks.

• Adam Smith did not say an invisible hand guides the markets.

• Government debt was static until the mid-1970’s and has soared since.

• Milton Friedman and Alan Greenspan both admitted to fundamental economic errors.

• About 1/3 of an average persons’ spending is goes to banks as interest.

• Corporations are using treaties to overrule nations and democracy.

• The TARP bank bailouts were the biggest theft in history.

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Bryant Brown is a business turn-around specialist with an interest in the bigger subject of economics. He has also been a community organizer, worked for both multinationals and small co-ops, travelled much of the world and brings that experience together into a readable analysis of the economic world today.


Gordon Bryant Brown

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