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Memoirs of Furuq and Channeling High level Magic cover

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Santeria, Self-healing, Memoir, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Spiritual Exercises, Egguns

Memoirs of Furuq and Channeling High level Magic
by Orunmilas Servant

In this third and final installment to his series on life in service to the Orishas, author Orunmilas Servant channels and transcribes the thoughts of several of his Egguns, the joyful occult spirits who guide him and accompany him on his journey through Freemasonry, Santeria, and other spiritual practices. The result is not only a chronicle of Orunmilas Servant rise to spiritual achievement, it’s a step-by-step guide to enlightenment and joy through the occult. In simple, cheerful language and a careful delineation of process, the chief Eggun, Furuq, shares what life is like as a spiritual guide to Orunmilas Servant and teaches exercises that will show the reader how to summon his or her own guardian spirits, get lives and goals on track, and attain high levels of magic. Not for the faint of heart, Memoirs of Furuq and Channeling High Level Magic reveals centuries-old secrets that will cause you to question your own beliefs. Read it if you dare.

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Orunmilas Servant grew up in New York City and Long Island. His relentless effort made him go from non-initiate to Babalawo. Now he lives joyfully with his Orishas and Egguns in Kent, Washington, a beautiful place with rivers, valleys, and streams. He and his guardian spirits hope you will enjoy learning to finally take back the occult power inside you and gain control of your life.


Orunmilas Servant

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