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Outbreaks of disease, Infectious disease, History of disease, Canada, Short stories, Outbreaks in Canada, Hospitals in Canada

The Great Canadian Outbreaks
Infectious Short Stories - Made in Canada by Nevio Cimolai

What do a rowing coach, lawyer, First Nation’s aboriginal, hockey manager, business woman, and medical resident have in common? – The Great Canadian Outbreaks

How many infectious outbreaks will you experience in a lifetime? How do Canadians behave during an outbreak, and how do they respond thereafter? The Great Canadian Outbreaks presents ten short stories each depicting a unique infectious outbreak from across Canada in various historic times. These fictional vignettes capture the essence of factual events as diverse as the social fabric of our country. Each story is followed by a lay description of the pertinent science and epidemiology in these outbreak scenarios.

We live in a microbial world where there is ample opportunity for human infection. If our flavour as a nation can be captured by great Canadian bacon or curling or wheat or beer or hockey, what would we be without The Great Canadian Outbreaks?

Nevio Cimolai is a physician and university professor whose career has spanned general and specialty practice, research, teaching, and medical administration. He has been affiliated with the Faculty of Medicine, The University of British Columbia for over three decades and has expert training in medical microbiology. He has published broadly in medical circles but especially with an interest in infectious diseases. He has been awarded for undergraduate teaching excellence and has served as a medical reviewer and editor.


Nevio Cimolai

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