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  • 258 pages
  • Black & White
  • 5.0 x 8.0 inches
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  • 978-1-5255-2226-0 eBook
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Fiction, Young adult, Coming-of-age, Magic, Dreams, Demons, Special abilities

The Donees
The Chest in the Forbidden Library by Jennifer Stadler

When just a toddler, Bail unknowingly inherits from his grandpa an amazing Earth legacy along with its haunting symbol imprinted on his chest.

Now fifteen, Bail has spent years secretly experimenting with his skill while living with his aloof Uncle Miles in his mansion in rural England. This situation would have been insufferable for Bail if it weren’t for Noreen, his devoted caregiver and Miles’ estate manager.

Although he wanted to learn more about his gift, Bail never imagined it would come about through his absent-mindedness: his forgotten science report. With Uncle Miles away on an archeological dig, Noreen gives Bail permission to write his paper in the forbidden library where kismet awaits him.

While Bail unravels his gift with the help of his newfound friend, an unusual teacher, he discovers a hidden agenda among the stars. With new insight, he learns the concealed truth that where there is power, there are enemies.

Jen Stadler was born in Victoria BC, Canada and still lives there. Oh don’t get me wrong – she once lived and worked in Nova Scotia as a Wren and experienced other life-changing moments which included having two children, Rain and Jeth. Now she works full time on the front lines as a community health worker where she engages with a variety of people. Besides washing bottoms and doing other practical duties, Jen has an imagination. One day she decided she wanted to do more with it, but didn’t know how. A writing group perhaps? With a small group of fellow writers, the internet, and reading young adult fiction, Jen began to write. Over the next seven years her book developed until it was ready to be edited by Sally Jennings, another islander. At this moment, Jen is gathering new ideas to create Book Two as the continuing story of the Donees.


Jennifer Stadler
Sally Jennings

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