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Children, Nature, Storms, Self-esteem, Palm trees, Weather, Empowerment

The Palm Tree and The Storm
by Suzette Smith

The Palm Tree is just a palm tree. There’s nothing special about her. Nobody sits under her for shade, or climbs up her branches. She doesn’t even have any branches! But when a storm rolls in and wild winds and pounding rain batter the shore, the Palm Tree discovers that there’s something very special about her indeed.

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Suzette Smith is an enthusiastic storyteller, language learner, and traveller. Although she didn’t always want to practice reading with books like Dick and Jane, Suzette eventually learned to love reading, which catapulted her into the world of writing. She still smiles at the memory of her first published story, a seven-sentence piece about a mysterious box, which was chosen for her elementary school’s monthly newsletter. Suzette’s love of writing is also fed by the many places she has seen and experienced. Her favourite place in the whole world is Vancouver and she dreams about living there one day.


Suzette Smith
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