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Mystery, Thriller, Wolves, Veterinary medicine, Animal lovers, Humans vs animals, Adventure

The Headless Wolf
by Joseph E. Barrera

This is a story of courage and kindness between two lost children and two desperate wolves.

In 2016 a pair of wolves were discovered in a northern county of California. They probably wandered down from Canada. But who actually knows from where, when or how?

Joseph E. Barrera is a graduate of Fresno State University and attended Hastings and Lincoln colleges of law. He is a father and grandfather, was an infantryman in Vietnam, and is a retired probation officer. He is the author of a war novel, “Confessions of a Golden Dragon”; as well as upcoming children’s books titled “The Polish Cavalier”, “Brownylocks and the Two Coyotes”, and “The Elfin Bell”.


Joseph E. Barrera

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