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Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbal medicine, Treating root causes of illness, Eastern vs. Western medicine, Folk therapy in Chinese medicine, Food’s medicinal traits

More Than Acupuncture
Questions and Answers about Chinese Medicine by Martin Wang

Acupuncture has become more popular in recent years because it can help many patients who have not found relief through conventional medicine. As people have become more aware of acupuncture, they have lots of questions about how and why it works. This book attempts to answer the most frequent questions our own patients have asked during their visits. A better understanding of acupuncture can help patients cooperate with their acupuncturist for faster improvement of their illness.

And because acupuncture is only a branch of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), we also introduce other aspects of Chinese medicine in this book, including herbal therapy, cupping, bleeding, folk therapy, and more. The information of this book is based on the author’s own understanding about Chinese medicine and goes far beyond the scope of the standard Chinese medicine textbooks. Therefore, professional acupuncturists will also find it useful to expand their own knowledge about Chinese medicine.

Dr. Martin Wang has been a doctor in both conventional medicine and traditional Chinese medicine since 1982. He earned a PhD in medicine in Sweden in 1996. His rich clinical experience has led him to believe that Chinese medicine is worth exploring and practicing, even with all the advancements in conventional medicine. He has found that many acute and chronic diseases can be treated or even cured with Chinese medicine—without any unwanted side effects. He currently practices acupuncture and herbal therapy in his clinic in Canada.


Martin Wang

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