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Love, Lesbianism, Free verse, Sexual abuse, Metaphysical love, Falling in love, Loving women

Making Metaphysical Love
Bedtime Stories for Grown Ups
by Carolyn Armstrong

The story of how two women made love energetically, without kissing, and with their clothes on.

Myth busting what two women could potentially do together, in sharp contrast to the porn image we have been sold. Turning the lights not only to men and straight people, but even to some lesbians! A truly feminine model for making love has not existed in our culture, until now.

Being one of the very few to have fought and won legal battles for her own dignity (yes more then once), she is a passionate advocate for consent culture and women rights. Spending years in the kink/poly world, going to orgies, and bath houses to overcome the fact that “her body didn’t seem to work”. At some point she recognized that she didn’t belong there, and the place where she would belong did not yet exist. She found the tools to heal her sexual traumas anyway, and wants to share the things she had learned with the world.

Finishing up a Bachelor of Fine Art at OCAD, the author began her art career in film and video, discovering that storytelling was her keenest interest. Finally these two parts of her life have come together.


Carolyn Armstrong

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