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Personal Empowerment, Personal Development, Empowered Faith, Reach Your Potential, Overcoming Hardships, Overcoming Trials

Supercharging Personal Empowerment
A Step-by-Step Way to Personal Empowerment by Dindo Garcia Maquiling

Millions of people today are vulnerable to some kind of mental illness due to anxiety, which can lead to depression or possibly early death or suicide. The main source of this anxiety is perfectionism. The demand for excellence is so high today that it leads many people to give up almost before they begin, consigning themselves to wallow in hopelessness and despair when life doesn’t turn out exactly as planned. In the process, they lose sight of their reason to live, the very meaning and purpose of existence, which is not achievement but love. These are the very people this book aims to help.

While he may not be able to address every human ailment and frailty, author Dindo Garcia Maquiling believes the lessons he has learned by overcoming similar challenges offer powerful insights that can empower people to free themselves from the entanglements we create in our lives through our poor choices. Each day, we can choose to be happy or angry, excited or timid, alive or dead, happy or sad, loving or hateful. The question is, how can we be empowered to choose the former over the latter? In this book, readers will travel with Dindo as he goes various places and learns lessons from the people he meets. Progressing through the letters of the word EMPOWERMENT, his journey reveals a powerful step-by-step strategy for overcoming discouragement, making the right decision in every situation, and getting your life back on track. Joseph believes that as long as we are alive, there is hope, and he offers hope aplenty in this book.

" Many people will find their path to wellness not only physically, but most of all spiritually."

Priscilla Abayon, President of the Children's Joy Foundation, Canada

" A book you cannot stop reading. It gives you wisdom and inner power, which will enable you to start a new day with power"

Patty Li, Missionary, Sydney, Australia

" This is one of a kind book. It will captivate your soul, open up a new horizon, and increase faith as a self-transforming tool."

Andrea Larsson, Swedish observer

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Dindo Garcia Maquiling, BSc, is a freelance writer, speaker, and author of countless life-changing messages. He is also the executive director of the Children’s Joy Foundation, Canada, and a board member of the Children’s Joy Foundation, Australia Ltd. Having assisted in the creation of shelters and daycare centers and ensuring children are fed, clothed, and sent to school, his passion for resolving the plight of poor, hungry, and destitute children is clear, as is his desire to lead all people to a meaningful and rewarding existence. As a former pastor and ordained minister of Community Baptist Bible Church, he has held various leadership and management positions, through which he has helped countless people live each day to the fullest, creating a legacy of hope, love, and peace. Personally, he has overcome all sorts of hardships and obstacles, including his daughter’s victory over cancer. All these experiences have taught him how to live above the difficulties life throws his way, a lesson he endeavors to pass on through his writing and teaching. To learn more about Dindo, please visit


Dindo Garcia Maquiling
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