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Remarriage in Modern Times
The answer book for tough questions about divorce and remarriage
by Mark Glaab

Tough questions about divorce and remarriage have plagued the church for the last 75 years, questions that only seem to deepen with time. Can a divorced new convert ever remarry to have a Christian family? Must a Christian wife stay married to a murderer or a man who deserted his family? When can a Christian remarry? In this book, the author probes these questions and more with a comprehensive look at the scriptures on divorce and remarriage. By probing deeply into Paul’s Epistles some clear answers have been found for the most pressing questions about divorce and remarriage.

This is a no-holds-barred book, written for believers everywhere. For any Christian facing divorce and weighing the scriptures, this book is a must read. For every Minister seeking how to honor Christ’s command on remarriage, yet extend mercy to those who deserve it, this book may have just the answers you are looking for.

Entire denominations have been in turmoil as they struggle for answers to questions. The struggle is over.

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Mark Glaab is the Pastor of Faith Alive Family Church in London, Ontario, Canada where he serves with his wife Anita. Along with being a Pastor of over thirty years, Mark has written computer curriculum and software self-help books. Mark has applied his analytical skills to this topic but believes that it’s only revelation from the Holy Spirit about scripture that brings answers to the deepest questions Christians face about divorce and remarriage.


Mark Glaab

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